June 14th, 2004


I finished it... that was unexpected.

I finally got around to archiving all my schtuff in one place, heh:

Click here to see the new site!

Given that I must've started coding half a dozen websites and this is the second comprehensive one I've ever finished, that's saying something. I posted a lot of older stuff too that I'm not really proud of, it's just there to better offset any modicum of improvement I might have made over the years. Rest assured, however, that the real skeletons of the collection remain firmly locked away in my closet, heh.

If you link to my craptastic Angelfire TCats archive, I'll be tearing that down shortly and replacing the page with a "This site has moved!" notification, so go ahead and update your linkage if you feel like it. =)

Elfwood is next, mqstout, I promise. ^_^ In the meantime, you and the guys at Katz have fun with this here:

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In other news, Nick's working today with a guy his mom knows who does flooring and tiling. It's a way to make a little extra money and to learn how to do all that stuff himself. When we can, we'd like to buy some land and build our house on it, and we figure that the more we know how to do ourselves, the more money we'll save. =)
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