June 13th, 2004


What the hell indeed, Bast!

I wanna do the writing meme too, because I am an attention whore.

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I forgot to mention: I got my diploma from Pitt the other day! Unfortunately, my "Summa Cum Laude" is in tiny type all the way at the bottom- the friggin' chancellor's signature is more legible- and, it only says "Bachelor of Science" on it. So I busted my butt in the CS department for four years, and I get the same recognition as one who took a few credits here and there in PoliSci. Oh well. At least I'm not dumb enough to pay the university in excess of $300 to frame my insult.

I'm still psyched that I don't have to drive to Point Breeze every day when I start work, hehe! I'll be at Allegheny Center, which as I recall has a nice park surrounding it. (I heard somewhere that Pittsburgh's the greenest city in the US. All that greenery is probably concentrated in one place, LOL- I didn't see much at Pitt!) And, it'll only be an eight-minute commute when Nick and I move into our apartment! Yeee!! Compare that to the ninety-odd minutes I'm accustomed to!

Now enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
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