June 7th, 2004



I can't believe it- I'm finally rejoining the full-time work force!! Just got called today with a job offer from the firm I interviewed with in Point Breeze, a few minutes by bus from the Pitt campus so I already know how to get there. I'll be an applications analyst, whatever that means- I think they'll be using me on some data management/warehousing project in their Media division. I got offered a very generous starting salary, plus a "comprehensive benefits package."

This is such a relief! I'll be able to afford my own car soon, and an apartment for me and Nick, and pay for the rest of the wedding with ease. And since I'm so used to scraping by on $350-$400 a month, I should be able to squirrel a lot away in savings, which'll come in handy as a down payment when we're ready for a house!

And the way scheduling worked out, I should only be a sock peddler for one more day, hehe! Wow, I can't believe I won't be working there anymore...

I don't know when I'm starting yet, I'm assuming next Monday. Or it could be later, which would be nice. A week or so of doing nothing wouldn't hurt one bit, especially since I've been so gung-ho with my writing lately.

The commute isn't terribly easy and the CEO of this place was kind of a nutjob, but that paycheck's what I've got my eye on right now! >=)
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