May 17th, 2004


You mean she posted MORE crap about her @#*($! wedding?

Monday night gamefest will commence in a coupla hours. Until then...

* We booked the flowers and cake. Got our flowers for $256 and the cake for $212. From what others have told me, we made off like fuggin' bandits. And that makes me feel good.

* Here's a little something we splurged most naughtily on, however: our cake topper, cake servers, and champagne flutes. Have a look-see:

Champagne flutes
Cake set

We couldn't resist, they were just too perfect. They've been ordered and they should be here in the next few days. Can't wait!

* Today I remembered having a wee stash o' cash that I'd totally forgotten about. Nothing serious, only a couple hundred, but it was definitely a nice thing to remember.

* Nick and I are still more or less unemployed (I'm not sure if my sock peddling can be considered gainful employment). People keep getting my hopes up by calling me in for "interviews." I get all dolled up, make special arrangements so that I have a car to get there... and when I arrive, I'm told that sorry, we don't have any positions available that fit your qualifications, but we just wanted to meet you and see where we might be able to fit you in later.

You couldn't have just talked to me over the phone? Grr.

And poor Nick just plain hasn't been getting called. I swear, our resumes are in the hands of every HR rep and recruiter in the goddamn city by now. SOMEONE has to have SOMETHING for us.
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