March 16th, 2004


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Shed my "winter coat" over the weekend, heh: a good six or seven inches of hair. Now it bobs around my shoulders; mqstout says it's Lois Lane-ish. But I swear, it looked a hundred times better just after I left the salon. Every time I get my hair done at the nice place at the mall, I leave wishing I never had to wash my hair again, because I know there is not a chance in hell I will ever be able to style it with half the success.

Me> Oohkay. I'm gonna try styling my hair just like the stylist did.

The clash of wills lasts about twenty minutes, at which point I say, "Screw it, I'll just pull it back." When I get money, I'm going to hire one of these stylist people to live in my house and do my hair in the morning. I think it'd add up to a lot less stress.

The wedding rings arrived today. They're gorgeous!! =D No, you can't see them. They're mine. My preciousessss.... *slobber, hoard*
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