January 15th, 2004


Etwas interessantes...

* For the second time this semester, I inadvertently jaywalked right in front of a cop car. The jaywalking wasn't inadvertent, that was quite intentional. The being-in-view-of-cops thing was.

Everyone in the city jaywalks. It's like one giant game of Frogger. Crosswalks are just quaint little institutions. The city officials know this. A few years ago they imposed a really heavy fine for anyone caught jaywalking. After a while they relaxed their standards. Good thing, too... were this a few years ago, I'd now be a couple hundred dollars in the hole.

I don't fragrantly jaywalk just because... it's often a necessity. If I don't jump across the middle of Fifth Ave. where I do, I'd end up missing a bus, for instance; those jagoffs don't wait on anything, much less a law-abiding citizen crossing at the designated place to get to the bus stop. And if I miss the bus, I have to stand out in the cold until another one comes along. Not fun. At least I'm smart enough not to jaywalk in front of a bus... that's asking for real trouble.

* Sorry for the stilted, short sentences. I'm caffeine-hyped.

* Several people have told me they hate me lately. Nick said it because I had him watch The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins, which is the most thoroughly fucked up, batshit insane thing ever... but quite addicting. Be warned before you click that link, the song is silly but will refuse to leave your head for at least a good month or year or so; I don't quite know yet how long because I'm still under its spell.

Then mqstout said it 'cause I brought him a bagel from the coffee hour at work, and he'd already had one, and by bringing him another I put him under the obligation to eat another, which he didn't want to do... eh, it's not like he really hates me for it, is it? Is it?

* Today is Nick's birthday, everyone!! =D Tonight he wants to celebrate by heading to West Virginia to play slots (gambling is still illegal in PA... thanks so very much, stodgy over-conservative legislators). I'll not be going 'cause I have massive credit card debt (thanks so very much, university that insists on $100+ textbooks for every frickin' class that I don't even crack open more than twice during the term). Instead I'll be taking him out on a real bona-fide date tomorrow night. =) Even picking him up at his house and everything! But I'll have to leave straight for his house from the train station- no time to go home and gussy up or anything- so that most likely means I'll be dressing up for school/work Friday. Fun, fun!
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