December 25th, 2003


Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a great holiday! =)

golden_d, thank you for your pretty school picture! I'll write you back soon, promise! =D

I worked Christmas Eve 'til 5:00, then visited at Nick's house for a while. His second-oldest brother and sister-in-law are in town visiting, and his uncle, aunt, cousin, and grandma came over as well. Needless to say, Christmas is always pandemonium at their house, but it's a good kind of pandemonium. ;) Apparently everyone has caught on that Nick and I can't afford to go on dates anymore, hehe, so we got gift certificates for TGI Friday's, Dave and Buster's, and Olive Garden. I also got a Franklin Mint Star Trek award/insignia cabinet (I now need to collect the awards/insignia... as if I need something else to waste my cash on ;) I'm kidding- I'll do it gladly, it's pretty awesome), a huge art supply set and several sketchbooks, requisite clothing items, a nice-smelling candle, perfume, and this really neat rose-shaped bundt cake pan (from my sweetie, who knew I thought it was cool even though I don't know how to cook to save my life ;) ).

Nick and I now officially own just about every "Lord of the Rings" game they've ever come up with, LOL. Last Christmas, Nick got the LOTR version of Risk. While out shopping at Toys R Us, I couldn't help myself and bought this neat LOTR chess set. This Christmas, we got LOTR Trivial Pursuit and LOTR Monopoly! Just about all of them (except the chess set) come with replica One Rings... that takes care of ring shopping for the wedding, heh heh! (We are actually planning to get One Ring replicas for our wedding rings... but they'll probably end up being gold and not plastic. Go figure.)

I prolly got more stuff from Nick's side of the family, but I had to leave before I could find out (which was fine by me; things had pretty much digressed into the traditional balled-up wrapping paper war). My house is the complete opposite of Nick's on Christmas. Usually it's just me, Mom, and Sis and our significant others, if any... but Mom's boyfriend is visiting his family for Christmas this year, and Krissy's relationship is long-distance, so it was pretty much just the three of us and later Nick. We watched "Pirates of the Caribbean," which was decent. I mean, I appreciate the special effects and the acting and all that, but I wasn't engrossed by it. If I wanted coffee, I got up and got coffee. If someone walked in front of the screen, meh, whatever. That sort of thing.

By the way... "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" is a lot more ridiculous than I remember it being.

I got lots more GCs, "The Matrix: Reloaded" soundtrack (I wasn't crazy about that movie either, but I did like the music at parts), "Star Trek: Elite Force 2," which they say is the best ST PC game ever, and lots of future-housy stuff, like a set of knives (woohoo! >=) ) and Tupperware. There is a lot more I'm forgetting, I'm sure.

All in all it has been a nice holiday, even though it sure hasn't felt like Christmas. It kinda just sneaked up on me this year. "It's Christmas? Really? Huh." That kind of thing. It didn't even seem like Christmas when I was opening/giving out presents. I think converting away from Christianity and working holiday retail for the fourth straight year has left me very jaded about the whole shebang.
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