December 4th, 2003



Well, almost. At least I got that nasty JDBC project and two finals off my back. Phew! My life for the past few nights has been

while ((project.NotFinished()) && (caffeine.Available()))

Also got back a group assignment in ops management. Here's the gem of a comment we received on the back of our paper:

"I keep seeing wavy lines as I read this... Was it my beer or your printer?"

XD That's almost as good as the one I got on a paper from my senior year of high school. I had to write about a personal experience of "tragic comedy," and so I wrote about how, that year at Homecoming, I almost tripped and fell on my ass getting into my (platonic) date's truck because my heels were so high and my dress was so long. Right next to that bit, in the margin, my MALE student teacher wrote, "I know what you mean!"

How the hell he knew what I meant, I don't want to know.

So, I've got three more finals next week, the JDBC project demo, and an all-day interview tomorrow. Wish me luck! ^_^

This was in the Pitt News today, BTW - of special interest for anyone who isn't fond of Sprawl*Mart to begin with ( thedemonprist ? ;) ) It's really sad and sickening, what the holidays have become nowadays.
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Holy jeezin' wow!

This just in: apparently the ad I submitted to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno got used on their "Headlines" segment Monday night! If you were watching and remember an ad about a certain farm's "Gigantic Pot Sale," that's the one I sent in. ^__^* Damn, I wish I coulda seen it!

...they meant ceramic pots. I think.