November 28th, 2003


Black Friday!!

I returned to retail today! Prolly not the best day to be re-acclimating myself to it, hehe, but it wasn't too bad. Not too many people down at Station Square, surprisingly; the weather must be keeping them away. Or maybe no one wants to go to Station Square. The mall near my house was pretty packed...

Thanksgiving was nice and tame. =) I got a good dinner at my house and then went to Nick's to visit and play Tetrisphere. Later, I returned home to meet my mom's boyfriend's son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter (get all that? ;)), who're staying with us 'til tomorrow. Everyone is very nice and the granddaughter is really cute. She's five, very quiet, and extremely well-behaved. Nice to see after the hordes of Satan spawn in the store today. ;)

I work retail again tomorrow night... then I should probably buckle down and program s'more. 'Course I go back to my university job on Sunday, yargh. Between this programming project, finals, and prepping for my job interview, this is going to be a ferry eenteresting couple of weeks...
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    No Doubt - Just a Girl

OMG my existence has been summed up in a paragraph.

You are Daria from Daria. You are full of sadness
and everything bad. You love to read, and you
are very smart. However, you are cool to
others. Even though you are so smart and quiet,
you seem cool to others. You get mad at others
quickly, but you only show it in your face. You
are very anti-social, but you do have a couple
of friends one or two. You are pretty
depressed. You have very little happiness in
you. You are very different from others. You
make the school seem much better because you
are not the exact same as the other girls. You
are not very religious, however. Actually, you
are not religious at all. Most likely, you are
going to die of cancer - sorry for that. Good
luck desperate person!

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