October 28th, 2003


Kick it into teh overdrive

Our team was teh suq at league bowling this week... but I was Bowler of the Week for last week, LOL! I got a certificate for three free games.

Otherwise, the rest of my week is quite shot. Two essays, database assignment, and that strange courting ritual known as employee selection. Tomorrow night I'll be having dinner at the Outback at PNC Park with the peeps who want to interview me a second time. Won't get home from that 'til late, most likely. Then I actually interview Thursday, from about 7:45 - 3:00. According to an acquaintance, I'll be shuffled from panel to panel to panel. Rapture. I have to get a ride there, and my mom will pick me up afterward, and then we'll have to go to Duquesne together 'cause Mom teaches there on Thursday nights. So there's another night down the drain. Ah well- at least I can bring my laptop with me and get some writing done (although far more likely I'll end up playing Birth of the Federation or something).

I have another interview at a different firm next week. One of these has got to work out...

I'm at work now. I keep running into people I knew in high school here. One girl who was in my graduating class has already entered grad school. So has this other guy I knew- and he was a year behind me. He finished his bachelor's in two years. If I dwell on it too long I begin to feel retarded.

I finished coloring that Tatsumi pic- just have to ftp it to a server so I can share it here. =) Hopefully I'll get to that by tonight.
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Pic of Tatsumi, colored in

Click here to see meh latest artistic endeavors. They don't come all that often so look while the looking's good. ;) I colored it in Photoshop with the use of a tutorial and many shortcut measures, since I don't have a drawing pad and I'm not about to try anything complicated with a mouse-guided paintbrush.

I knew a girl once who could draw really, really well with a mouse... but she possessed a level of patience with her artwork that bordered on the divine. Unfortunately, I'm more of the quick-and-dirty type. Better add "rare" to that. As I said, I don't do this as often as I would like. ^_^