October 19th, 2003



I needed the satisfaction of a frag or two after my latest ordeal...

Jeff and Krissy went to the farm nearby a little while ago for pumpkins. They carved them and decided to leave them in our garage for a few weeks. Big. Goddamn. Mistake.

Krissy and I just spent half an hour trying to haul those rotted out, foul-smelling fuckers out of there. It was like something out of one of RD Rivero's fics. Mold, flies, slime, slush- and I can't underemphasize that disgusting smell. Now I've bitched about chlorine tablets, but I'd rather hang one of those in my car as an air freshener than ever have to smell those pumpkins again. I have a relatively strong stomach and I almost puked twice. I still feel like I might lose my dinner here. Ugh.

After I'd put back the hose, I stood where our pool once was and admired Mars for a bit, and thought about how gag-inducing rotten pumpkin smell isn't something you're likely to encounter there. ;)

Government wants to siphon more money away from the space program- specifically, the project that would finally put a probe on course toward Pluto. Call and write to your reps, people! Don't let them do it!

In the meantime, I'm gonna go wash my hands. For the thirty-seventh time.
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