September 19th, 2003



After watching the news last night, you'd think we were Pittsburgh, South Carolina or something.

Everyone was freaking out about how we'd be hit with torrential rain and 50-70 MPH winds because of Isabel. Seventeen area schools canceled classes for Friday. Mom and Krissy were anticipating that they'd get a free day off work out of the deal too, and that I might not have to go to school either. I was skeptical- I mean, aren't we too far inland for that?- but hey, a day off is a day off.

So I wake up this morning, expecting all hell to be breaking loose as promised, but instead I'm treated to the normal getting-ready-in-the-morning noise: namely, my sister blasting her country music. I was like, what's up with this?

Turns out everyone was blowing it all out of proportion. All we've gotten from Isabel is rain. Like that's anything new. I heard from someone that we had like nineteen rainless days this summer.

So I'm at work right now... good thing about working at a university is that Friday may as well be a day off, hehe. How else would I have time to sit here typing? ;) Don't have too much planned for the weekend... especially not if Nick is still sick (he caught some kind of cold from his mother). I am hoping to buy bowling shoes, though. No sense forking out money for rental shoes every other week now that I'm in a league.
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