August 28th, 2003



I start my new job tomorrow, weeee! It means I have to get up even *earlier* to make it to campus by 8:30 AM, but it also means a paycheck. And it's a student tech job, so there's no stuffy dress code. If I sleep in I can just show up in my jammies, no biggie. And I only have one class tomorrow, and it's in CompSci. They're understanding souls.

One problem though... I agreed to a Sunday afternoon shift. Right before football season. X_x* Oh well, I'll be issued me own laptop so I can check the scores as often as I want. Besides, I like Monday night football better...

From what I hear, the Steelers are doing okay in the preseason. I haven't heard anything about the Penguins, and I consider that a blessing. They're going to be teh suq for a while yet. I love my Penguins; it's tough to see them struggle the way they've been for the past few seasons. It all started when they got rid of Kasparaitis, doggonit (::maybe not entirely true, but still misses Kaspar::). He lived just down the street from me, you know. Never had the nerve to go visit though. ^_^*
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