August 26th, 2003


Was ist in der Schule passiert?

Cry for me, people. Cry for me a lot. I ended up in some ridiculous IT intro course where one of our "hard" assignments (I swear to God the prof said "hard") will be to make a 3-page website in HTML. And attendance is mandatory. And the class is required and I can't test out. ::screams out a window:: I hate business schoooooollll....!!!

Otherwise, school is going pretty well! My other classes aren't quite as retarded; in fact the CompSci ones seem nice and challenging. The commute there and back saps two and a half hours of my time, but it's kind of exciting to ride downtown each morning (though I suspect the luster will wear off eventually- look for me to post something in January along the lines of FUCK THIS SHIT!)

Oh, and I got a new job today! =) It was something I applied for ages ago, but they didn't have room in their staff 'til now. I interviewed this afternoon and was hired on the spot! What am I doing, exactly? Well, I'm not sure yet... but it's one of the university's tech services departments, so I assume I'll be doing lots of troubleshooting. It's only about 15 hours a week and the pay is pretty decent. Plus, it's computer-related job experience. I was really hoping to get some more of it before I graduated. =)
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