August 24th, 2003



'Tis my last day of freedom... I return to school tomorrow. I'm jittery and my brain's still out of School Mode, which may or may not be a problem. It doesn't seem real at all, given that I'm used to moving into a dorm room before school starts. I'm hoping I won't have any trouble commuting (well, getting up early every morning is going to be troublesome, but beyond that I mean).

In tribute to my summer: I had an okay job (wasn't the corporate internship I'd been aiming for, but it wasn't anything nasty/undignified either); installed a much-longed-for cable modem; rediscovered the library and read lots of books, through which I found Deism and rekindled my love of astronomy; got a lot of my huge cross-stitch done; got a few original stories off the ground; went to Florida; and got back into an old project of mine: translating a book I have on Tutankhamon's tomb from German to English. Just in case anyone else I know wants to read it someday (unlikely, but hey, I keep up with my German this way). These, among other things I did that I can't quite remember right now, or maybe aren't quite as meritorious (like all those hours squandered on video games and reading MiSTings, heh heh...).

Senior year, woohooo! After this I'll be done with school for the immediate future. Eventually I plan to go back for a master's, but I have no idea what degree I want to pursue. I thought about an MBA, but given my increasing annoyance with the business school's asshatted ways, I'll probably shy away from that and try for something more scientific/mathematical (though not computer science; it's been okay, but I don't think programming is my life's calling). Who knows, my classmates might then have IQs above 80 and better things to talk about than how wasted they got at Soandso's party and who's boinking whom!

It's too bad I only have 3 CompSci courses left and a buttload of business courses to take...
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