August 7th, 2003


Hittin' the road

Departing for Florida tomorrow, weee! I'm starting to get psyched for the trip as the reality of it slowly dawns on me, although my ass isn't looking forward to the numbness it'll be experiencing on our 14+ hour drive. Oh well. This time around, we plan to play with some tigers (I swear I won't destroy or denegrate them in fan-fic, though I'll definitely have to get pictures for my TCATGR cohorts to enjoy/tinker with in Photoshop), visit the space center, and go to Medieval Times again. That place is a hoot.

I'll have a laptop down there and I'll also most likely have internet access, but I probably won't be posting here again 'til after I get back. can quit cheering now.

Anyway, off to do some laundry and pack, then go to work. My last shift for at least a month, yaaaay!

I'll miss youse guys! See you all again soon!
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