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The AFA has set up a webpage from which you can send the chairman of Hallmark Greeting Cards hate mail. What grievous offense is Hallmark guilty of, you ask? Why, none other than providing a line of greeting cards for same-sex marriages. Bastards!

First of all, it's a sad comment on a life- or lives- that there are people in this world who get their panties in a wad over freaking greeting cards that no one is forcing them to look at or buy, and have nothing better to do than to spew hatred over such trivialities.

However, the submitter who sent the link to Fark also had a lovely idea: why don't rational people use the email address provided to send Hallmark letters of support instead?

Instead of using the AFA's form, I grabbed the email linked to on the right-hand side of the page, and sent this along:
Dear Chairman Hall:

Thank you for making a brave stand and a wise business decision in support of all your customers. The love shared between two people is a wonderful thing, no matter who they happen to be, and deserves to be celebrated. You're part of the growing trend of compassion and common sense prevailing over ignorance and prejudice, and you should definitely be proud of that, no matter what fringe groups like the AFA try to say to the contrary.

Hallmark will be getting more of my business from now on, and I'll be urging my friends and family to support you as well. Thanks again!
Perhaps you'll want to send a note of support as well?

Make no mistake, these AFA types will be looked back on the same way we look back on those "concerned" citizens who tried to ban interracial marriage and uphold racial segregation: small-minded dinosaurs filled with ridiculous, unjustified hatred. (Dinosaurs everywhere are insulted by the comparison.)

Based on the parameter/value at the end of the hyperlink, it would seem that AFA has more "action items" in desperate need of subversion. Hmm...

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