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Geburtstag und anderer Scheiss

* Didn't even remember it was my birthday 'til about an hour ago, hehe... So, 22. No, 21+1. I like that better. That way it's sorta like a D&D die roll, and I'll only improve with age. Going to Dave and Buster's tomorrow to celebrate the age++ (oh God I'm such a nerd for having typed that)

* Philosophy sucks. Especially does my TA suck. Which is bad because she grades all the papers and exams. If you ask me, subjective studies like philosophy should not be letter-graded, because if you wind up with a teacher whom you don't agree with, you're screwed.

* Funny thing happened at work yesterday... well, it wasn't all that funny at the time. We got a call from one of the classrooms that its projector was on the fritz, so I was sent down to fix it. I went to the class and, while the teacher was still lecturing minus his slide show, I fiddled around with his laptop and made sure everything was plugged in properly and all that. I couldn't see what was wrong, so I walked out of the room to use one of the courtesy phones in the hall to call for backup.

As I leave the classroom, I see someone standing just outside the door that I didn't notice before. He was kinda looking around expectantly; I just went along my way, called mqstout and told him I couldn't figure out what was wrong. He thought that maybe the projector's power was off, and sent Keith down with a remote.

I waited for Keith by the elevator, and when he showed up, we both walked back to the classroom. When we got there, the guy who had been standing outside the classroom door looked up at Keith and said, "Hey, are you IT?" And proceeded to lead him into the class to show him what was wrong, taking no notice of me at all.

Uh, hello? Just 'cause I'm a girl, I'm not from Information Technology?! The guy had taken absolutely no notice of when I had gone in to troubleshoot the projector the first time. What the hell did he think I was doing in there? Apparently he was waiting for an IT GUY, because testosterone makes you better with computers, you know?

I related my frustrations to Keith afterward, who turned out to be even more upset about it than I was! ;) We agreed that that guy was a douchebag, and I take solace from that.

* Also interviewed for a job yesterday, but I'm not all that optimistic because they want a full-timer in March, and I won't be available for full-time work until the last week of April. Oh well.
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