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It is a sad state of affairs when we need retail/greeting card holidays on a bimonthly basis to remind us to be kind to the people we care about, if only for a couple of minutes.

Mini-rant (rantlet?) aside, I hope everyone has a nice weekend, whatever it is you do. =)

Words have been few and far between lately, so I've been tooling around with artwork a lot- mostly trying to learn how to color better in Photoshop (a nicer monitor would help, so that I could actually tell how dark/light I was making everything =P), but also practicing troublesome stuff like faces. Here are three of my practice sketches, if you're interested:

This one is a profiled face. Around it I hastily built Zavvis, my old Star Trek RPG character. She liked styling her hair in lots of different ways, so that's why she's wearing that babushka-looking thing. To my shame as a trekker, that is a tricorder in her hand; I was too lazy to flesh it out completely.

This one is a 3/4ths face, which evolved into Lara Croft. Sigh, yes, that's a gun. Sigh, yes, I'm bad at detail (but these were just for practice...)

Finally, this one is a full-on face, hardest for me to do because I'm terrible at left-right symmetry. But I think she (whoever she is) turned out very nicely. I wanted to make a full picture but just couldn't get it working, so this is all there is.

Comments (good, bad, indifferent) are more than welcome; it's apparent I need all the help I can get. ;)
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