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Been a while since I've "checked in"- publicly, anyway. I don't know, somehow I doubt anyone's interested in my life's minutiae. Anyway, in case anyone is curious about what I've been up to...

* The Penguins are kicking arse in the playoffs. I'm enjoying this.

* Telecommuting continues to be awesome. Like every customer-facing job, it has its highs and lows. The big difference is, when I'm forced to deal with asshats, I can always cuddle my cats afterward. Or during, if they're insistent.

I'm about to be made Tech Support Product Lead for my second product, which means that I'm going to be the go-to person in TS for any issues that arise with it. The only difficulty is that I know exactly jack and shit about this particular product. Oops! There will be a meeting Monday to discuss what I need from Engineering, my manager, etc. to get started with product leading. How about, everything?

In case you're wondering, I officially provide support for six different products. I am now "lead" for two of them.

* Remy's and my two-year wedding anniversary is coming up. To celebrate, I booked a room at the Omni downtown for one night. I went with the "romance package," which includes dinner at the hotel restaurant, a bottle of champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and breakfast the next morning. We'll gussy up, run around downtown, partake in various forms of entertainment... should be fun.

* Remy's birthday, Remy's mom's birthday, my mom's birthday, and Mother's Day are also coming up. All within, oh, two or three weeks of each other, with our anniversary smack-dab in between. Big present-buying time of year.

* Tuesday can't come fast enough, for Pennsylvania's tubes and airwaves are saturated with campaign ads. Being a short-time resident of New York State (liekomg, you mean there's a whole state outside The City?), I've been disenchanted with Clinton from the get-go. Obama, meanwhile, has impressed me with his class in the face of all the insanity going on around him. He'll be at a rally on the Pitt campus this Monday, and Remy and I plan to attend. I would vote for him this Tuesday, but PA has closed primaries- meaning only registered Democrats and Republicans may vote- and I am a registered Libertarian. So, I'll send some cash Mr. Obama's way instead.

* Epilepsy has been a PITA lately, in several respects. Something to elaborate on later.

* Ich arbeite wieder mit Deutsch. Mein Gespräch ist leider schrecklich, weil es niemand mit mir zu sprechen gibt. Naja, Übung macht den Meister!

* We bought a couch today; been meaning to do that for a while. The furniture store is a short walk from our house (one of many furniture stores in walking distance), and we got a good deal. I was having stomach issues while furniture-browsing, so afterward, Remy and I stopped at the little convenience store across the street so I could grab a soda. It turns out that what we stumbled upon was not a run-of-the-mill convenience store, it was a Turkish grocery store! Baklava, halva, baba ghanouj, you name it. Kheili khoshmazeh-tar! (OK, that's Farsi, not Turkish... sadly, I know no Turkish.) I'm liable to slip into a diabetic coma this weekend.

I love this neighborhood. We discover neat new stuff within walking distance of us all the time.

* Super Smash Brothers Brawl is crackalicious. I'm pretty decent with Samus, and OK with Link, Zelda/Sheik, and Zero Suit Samus.
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