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10 February 2004 @ 11:45 am
'Burgh bashing  
My sister likes to listen to the radio every morning as we get ready for work/school. One of the deejays' schticks is to ask a caller random "would you rather" questions. Here was one from last week:

Deejay> Would you rather live somewhere where it's rainy every day with a high of 75, or where it's sunny every day with a high of 35?
Caller> So... Pittsburgh, or Pittsburgh?

Too right. And Hagan ice cream has decided to call attention to another of the 'Burgh's less desirable traits:

New ice cream flavor

All hail PennDUHT. Case in point: my street, which was just repaved this summer, now has the feel of one of those little folded paper fans you used to make in elementary school. On the news, they featured a pothole elsewhere that was three feet by four feet, and a staggering nine inches deep. That's pet cemetary-size, damn it. But hell, can we really expect quality from the same people who have paved over dead deer lying in the road rather than move them?

It used to be so simple. I wanted to stay in Pittsburgh, end of story. But the more time I spend here- and, the more time Nick and I spend unsuccessfully looking for jobs- the more I wonder if there isn't something better somewhere else. Not like I really know how I'd fare somewhere different- I've been here since I was four, after all; it's the only home I know- nor even know where it is I'd want to go... but I dunno. Chalk it up to winter blues, maybe, but this place has begun to bother me.
Current Mood: cynicalcynical
Current Music: REM - Losing My Religion
andvariar on February 10th, 2004 09:34 am (UTC)
Sounds like someone is "hagen daaz" ice cream! ooh hoo hoo...
Miusherimiusheri on February 10th, 2004 02:22 pm (UTC)
...you get points for effort, friend ;)
thedemonprist on February 10th, 2004 10:49 pm (UTC)
Heh, I can relate to that. Spending a long time here in Florida has given me lots of free time with which to let my brain wander freely through...

I've pretty much lived in Plano, Illinois for my entire life - minus a brief stay in Algonquin, IL, when I was just a squirt and thus too young to remember - and as much as I feel trapped by it, there's a part of me that doesn't want to leave it behind because it's a comforting familiarity, and for all the bad memories that I do have (mainly of my high-school days), there are also a lot of fond ones too.

Yet, I know that there is really very little for me if I stay in Plano. The job situation sucks ass (my name around that general area, I figure, is pretty much mud due to all my failed job situations in the past), I have no friends there (closest one lives about an hour away in Lemont), and sometimes I just get so depressed enough that I crave a little change in scenery (this usually happens when I'm upset).

Here in Florida, I see a lot of help wanted signs (admittedly, most of them are for menial-type things, like cashiering and such), and there is definitely a more diverse crowd of people down here to interact with (although me having strong recluse tendencies, I have to push myself to go out and about). There's also a lot more by way of activities to do (especially considering that there are beaches and water aplenty nearby!). So when you compare Florida with Plano, the choice should be obvious, right? But it's never that simple or easy...it's something you have to work out for yourself, and it's no end of angst in doing so.

And there *must* be such a thing as winter blues this season...several people have told me that they just feel a general unrest and bad vibes all around, which is made worse by the shit weather some people have been getting (we left Illinois just in time - they've been getting splattered with one snowstorm after another all through January!)...

Hope things improve for you real soon! *HUGS*