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'Burgh bashing

My sister likes to listen to the radio every morning as we get ready for work/school. One of the deejays' schticks is to ask a caller random "would you rather" questions. Here was one from last week:

Deejay> Would you rather live somewhere where it's rainy every day with a high of 75, or where it's sunny every day with a high of 35?
Caller> So... Pittsburgh, or Pittsburgh?

Too right. And Hagan ice cream has decided to call attention to another of the 'Burgh's less desirable traits:

New ice cream flavor

All hail PennDUHT. Case in point: my street, which was just repaved this summer, now has the feel of one of those little folded paper fans you used to make in elementary school. On the news, they featured a pothole elsewhere that was three feet by four feet, and a staggering nine inches deep. That's pet cemetary-size, damn it. But hell, can we really expect quality from the same people who have paved over dead deer lying in the road rather than move them?

It used to be so simple. I wanted to stay in Pittsburgh, end of story. But the more time I spend here- and, the more time Nick and I spend unsuccessfully looking for jobs- the more I wonder if there isn't something better somewhere else. Not like I really know how I'd fare somewhere different- I've been here since I was four, after all; it's the only home I know- nor even know where it is I'd want to go... but I dunno. Chalk it up to winter blues, maybe, but this place has begun to bother me.

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