Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

JLA movie?

When the hell was this made? This clip packs oodles of awful hilarity (awfularity?) into a few short minutes. All we see, aside from the credits, is Tasha Yar being inducted into the Justice League. Apparently, the only requirement for joining JLA is maintaining the Queen Elizabeth wave and mumbling to yourself while Danny Elfman works the kinks out of the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack. There might also have been a requirement about not laughing at the other JLA members' costumes, but poor Yar just can't keep a straight face. They let her in anyway, because they couldn't get the rights to any notable DC superheroes, especially not any notable female DC superheroes. Ah well, throw a couple of girls in tights and give them names fit for American Gladiators. That'll do, right?

I need to search YouTube for more of this movie. It's the same kind of rubbernecking magnetism induced by Automan. You know it's going to hurt- a lot- and yet you still want more.
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