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Spooky noochies!

I finally beat Alice. After over a year of procrastination I beat the game in the space of half an hour, hehe. I liked the ending, but Nick didn't. They're supposed to be making a movie based on it. Despite many nasty "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" flashbacks, I like to think that this one will actually be decent. The premise is just that cool (though I think it would be best if they made it animated or CGI rather than live-action). I also hear that American McGee (the guy who came up with said premise) is gonna put a scary twist on "The Wizard of Oz" and other fairy tales, which will eventually make their way into books and video games.

Here's a poem from "Don Quixote" (one of the many you'll find) that I rather enjoyed:

O sweetest hopes of mine,
Breaking through all the barriers of despair
To keep the firm straight line
That you yourself imagine and prepare:
Don't be dismayed to see
That every step has death for company.
No sluggard ever gained
Triumphs or laurels to adorn his brow,
And joy won't be attained
By those who, faced by Fortune, tamely bow
And yield their feeble arms
To Indolence's comfortable charms.
Love's glory's dear: that's fair
And only as it should be, honest trade;
For there's no gift as rare
As one that has been properly assayed.
What easy joy is prized?
What's cheaply bought is soon to be despised.
But Love will perservere
And sometimes do what never can be done,
And though I often fear
I'm striving for the stars and for the sun,
My hope is still to rise
Impossibly from earth to gain the skies.

I can't write poetry worth half a damn, but I find poems I like from time to time.

I'm back on my dialup 'cause my cable is down and anyway my 'puter's plagued with all kinds of annoying pop-ups and toolbars and shortcuts to fucking online casinos. I can't shake them, no matter what I do; everything gets reset upon startup. I don't even know how I got them. I sure as hell didn't download anything. Nick thinks it's some jagoff affiliate. I have my own theory *coughcoughlittlesistercough* but I won't jump to conclusions just yet. Off I go to troubleshoot...

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