Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Where were you when...?

Traveling during the Super Bowl was more entertaining than I thought it would be. I shouldn't have gotten to see much of the game at all, but due to two circumstances- my first flight getting in 35 minutes early, and my second flight being delayed almost an hour- I saw the end of the second half, all of the third quarter, and most of the fourth. Every television in Baltimore-Washington International was tuned to the game, and people moving between gates frequently darted over to check the score. Their reactions ranged from elation to profanity to standing there and staring at the television in utter disbelief (prompting a "Hey! Down in front!" comment from the lady I'd sat next to during my first flight).

It got to four minutes remaining in the fourth, Pats marching downfield. An entire plane's worth of people were crowded around one television, watching intently. They had to practically force people to board- not at all the usual scenario when a boarding a delayed flight. We got word, just as we were boarding, that the Pats had scored a TD. The Pats fans on the plane were confident that that was all, folks. Sure seemed like it...

Then, mid-flight, the captain announced the final score over the loudspeaker. Reactions were much like those in the terminal: some elation, some vocal disappointment, some stunned silence. I, for one, was pretty happy. My coworker is a life-long Giants fan who, though he had his legitimate beefs about Manning at times, was not dissing his team in the beginning of the season, only to turn around and be all "OMG GIANTS ALWAYZ LUVD U" later. 18-1, with the "1" being the biggest effing game of the season, is the bitchslap heard 'round the world. And, with how well the Giants were playing and how classless the Patriots were being, most especially their head coach, who has already been exposed as a cheater and really didn't need any more bad PR, this was the right and just outcome.

Why a Steelers icon? Because I like my team. =) Go Stillers n'at! Let's get that one for the thumb uh, other hand next year!

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