Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Kitty Update

First, thanks for all the well wishes!

For those who missed my comments in the last post, Rochester came home last night. The vet didn't find any blockages, but he thought Rochester's pancreas might be a bit inflamed. The official cause of all this has not deviated from "Who the hell knows." We took him back to the vet this morning for a few more hours of IV treatment. For the vast majority of details, please refer to Remy's post.


- Rochester hates the e-collar- that cone thing they put around cats' necks to stop them from nibbling at things they shouldn't. He thrashed violently when he was wearing it, prompting us to remove it and sleep in shifts. We wanted to make sure he didn't rip out his IV catheter, which is what he tried to do every second he wasn't sleeping. I slept from about 1:00 to 4:00, Remy from about 4:00 to 7:00. Remy had far more success than I at calming Rochester down and getting him back to sleep any time he started fidgeting with the catheter. He is a great daddy.

- Reading this week's SWIFT at 4:00 AM, while lying in an awkward heap on the cold floor beside a cat that I hoped to hell was going back to sleep, was a bit surreal. So was my partial seizure at 7:00 AM. D'oh! Between that and lack of sleep, I felt like shit on toast this morning. Still not fully recovered. Yet again, I tip my hat to anyone who's experienced months of sleepless nights while raising a baby. I have no clue how you did it, or are doing it, as the case may be. I'm souring a bit on the kid thing myself, not having that kind of fortitude... ;)

- Rochester is more or less his normal self today, minus a good bit of fur. The vet expressed his amazement at his recovery rate. Right now, Rochester is reclining on our bed, fastidiously grooming his right front paw. He has a flavor, you see.
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