Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Rochester's Big Day Out

Whenever we head toward the apartment door and start putting on our shoes and bundling up, Rochester immediately perches by said door to beg to be let out. Today, he got his wish. Why? Because for the past several days, he's been keeping us awake at night and tearing me away from work with plaintive meowing and attempts to relieve himself all over the apartment. We at first thought that he was just being bratty about his litter box, which happens a lot. But when that's the case, he usually just finds himself a corner, has at, then lets us discover it later. He doesn't cry and whine and carry on until the wee hours of the morning. My sister suggested it might be a UTI. After getting very little sleep last night, despite the fact that we bought a new litter box, we decided there might be something to that.

Cue Remy working from home, cue me calling every vet in a five-mile radius (there are a surprising number of vets in a five-mile radius of our apartment). Most were either closed or booked solid. We finally found one in the Strip District that takes walk-ins. So at around 11:00, after we bundled ourselves up, we bundled Rochester up in a towel and granted his very dearest wish.

He got to go downstairs, outside, into the backseat of my car. Remy sat there and held him while I drove. He was trembly, but didn't cry or void himself the way he normally does when confronted with an automobile trip. At the vet's office, he sat calmly in our laps even as all manner of large dog moved through the waiting room.

He was well behaved during his check-up, too. The vet was impressed by his size, as most people are (15 1/4 lbs, fills up our laundry basket when he lies in it). Fortunately, the vet didn't find any obstructions or any overt problems. He gave us antibiotics and special food, and we'll need to go back in two weeks if things don't improve. Hopefully, though, Rochester will be fine.

On the car ride home, Rochester was even more docile, and was dutifully rewarded with catnip upon our return. I don't think he meowed even once the whole time. It gives me hope that, if/whenever we do spawn, we will be able to teach our sprogling to be well behaved in public. Sadly, Sephie now smells Vet and Other Strange Things on Rochester, and is being all hissy/growly when he tries to cuddle with her. Hopefully, she'll get over it soon.

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