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If you are a frequent flier, you will probably find FlightStats useful. It has statistics about how reliable given flights, airlines, and airports are in terms of delays, baggage handling, customer service, etc.

Apparently, I am vindicated, as PHL is repeatedly panned as one of the worst airports in the world with regard to all of the above. Back in October, during my near-disastrous trip home, I sat on the tarmac for two and a half hours, and my checked bag was put on the wrong flight. Sadly, many other people confirm that this is par for the course for Philly International. I found out the reason for the huge delays, too (aside from weather): they only have ONE RUNWAY for departing flights and one for arriving flights. No wonder it was so hard to leave! Why did USAirways take so many flights away from Pittsburgh and dump them in Philly, again?

This is all on the brain because we'll be doing some flying next week. We're connecting through Baltimore this time. Not as bad as Philly, from what I recall, but it's a little confusing to navigate, and some of the TSA people there are power-tripping big time. Last time I was there, I tried to approach a security desk to get some help, and the agent there shouted at me to stay where I was in the same tone of voice cops use to say, "PUT DOWN THE WEAPON AND PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD!"

Entschuldigen, mein Herr! Ich tue was Sie sagen! Bitte senden Sie mir nicht nach Auschwitz!

I fucking hate flying now. I used to love it, but the wiping-their-butts-with-the-Fourth-Amendment TSA, the preponderance of delays, and the emergence of "cattle class" have made it almost as miserable and prolonged an experience as Greyhound.

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