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Stuck in a Pitt of despair

I wish they'd stop giving important jobs to the people with necks and shoulders protruding from their asses.

I got a letter from my scholarship fund, saying my scholarship's been withdrawn. Why? Poor grades? Not enough credits? Hell. No. Because they sent my check like always, and Pitt sent it back, saying I wasn't enrolled for the semester.

Never mind that I successfully registered for 16 credits. Never mind that in practically the same breath, Pitt forked out the $4,000+ for tuition it gives me every semester.

In a word... BLARG.

I need that scholarship to pay off the rest of what I owe each semester. So, that money has gone unpaid and now my financial account is on hold- meaning I can't access my records or even get my dimploma- all because the fucknuts got the money, and freaking sent it back!!

Oh sure, they're hounding me for cash... but I don't go to their school.

I tried calling today to resolve the problem (read: raise hell with whoever was responsible), but I got put on hold for a good long while and bounced around to different departments. Finally they asked if they could call me back... which of course they never did. Unfortunately for them, I don't have class until 10:00 tomorrow, and I get to campus plenty early. Time for a nice face-to-face chat...

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