Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Insufficient Data, Bob

The first item up for bids today on The Price Is Right is a computer and printer. The only spec given is a 250 GB HDD. They don't even mention the vendor, though by the desktop background of gleaming yellow tulips, it's easy to see it's some flavor of Windows box.

The contestants toss out bids with abandon. I can only imagine how badly I would have annoyed poor Bob if I had been in Contestant's Row.

"How much RAM does it have, Bob? What's the processor? Oh, really? Y'know, AMDs spec out a lot higher sometimes, it's pretty surprising... okay, what version of Windows is that? XP I'm guessing, that doesn't look like Vista. XP Pro or XP Home? Please tell me it's Pro, with at least SP1... and what other peripherals does it come with? What about the video, sound, and wireless cards- it does have a wireless card, right?- who're the vendors? How many USB ports? Bluetooth? How much total RAM can I load onto that puppy? I really hope that's not an Asus motherboard... any pre-loaded software? Oh, and there's a printer- vendor? Laser or inkjet? Color? Can it duplex?"

I work from home, and I get to have TPIR on in the background because I say so.
Tags: geek, geek humor

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