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If you'll recall, I lost the opal to my engagement/wedding ring en route to Albany last July. Soon after returning to Pittsburgh, I took the ring to a store where they said they could track down a new opal for it in about a week or so.

It's a month and a half later, no stone. I'm not terribly impressed with the speed and quality of service, so I've asked for my ring back. I've also decided, what the hell. The original ring was under $100 and came from a newage magazine. I just got a raise and a bonus from work. I'm going to get a nicer ring.

Here is the one I want. It's not thousands or even many hundreds, but I'm the type who'd rather put money to use elsewhere than on obscenely priced lumps of metal and stone for my digits.

Speaking of my digits, they've been busy playing piano. I've been plowing through Clemente sonatinas, and we also found an arrangement of Moonlight Sonata for piano and violin, so eventually Remy and I will duet. We also got my viola re-stringed, but I have been lazier about practicing with that. I'm worse at viola than piano, so I should practice more with viola, but I don't want to because I don't like the horrendous sound of my own playing, so I never get any better at viola. Gotta love the positive feedback loop.

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