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All Finished

I finished Remy's scarf today! Here is photographic evidence!

All I had to do today was put on the tassels. The most tedious part was cutting the yarn for said tassels. Overall, it wasn't too difficult.

Here's the finished product, as modeled by its dead sexy intended recipient! Remy seems pleased. It's not nearly as long as the original Tom Baker scarf, but it's long enough, methinks. The "real" scarf length isn't terribly practical, as those involved with producing Doctor Who came to realize. Sections of the scarf were removed every season due to wear and tear and what have you.

Remy and I love this picture! It's a composite of four separate photographs stitched together, kinda like the ones you see of Mars or Titan panoramas. This is the scarf in all its formidable glory, stretched across the entire length of our bedroom. To give you an idea of scale (from right to left): that bag is holding my current needlepoint project, and is the size of a normal shopping bag. The mattress is full size (no, we still don't have a proper bed yet). The silver square thing is my 13" laptop, Zaal.

So, that's it! I started the scarf in November and have completed it in August. It could have been finished sooner, but there were a few times when I placed the knitting aside for weeks at a stretch. I definitely got better/faster at knitting while I was making it, so one end is a little looser/wider/sloppier than the other, but it's hard to tell when someone's actually wearing it.

I do have a lot of excess yarn from which I could make a second thinner "for her" scarf, but I think I'll be taking a break from knitting for a while. If I do make a scarf of my own, I may be tempted to buy a few new colors (like pink) and make the "feminine" Tom Baker scarf that the second Romana once sported, along with a pretty pink coat. I tried to do a GIS just now to find a picture of the outfit, but I came up short. Hopefully, you're Who nerd enough to know exactly what I'm talking about. If not, then, er, watch more old-school Doctor Who, damn it. There's a whole universe beyond Russel T. Davies, you know.

I'll be doing a massive photo-dump soon of all things Pittsburgh.
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