Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Moved... again

Our original plan of subletting for two months in the hope of closing on property didn't exactly pan out, as you may have gathered. So, we found a new apartment on a more permanent basis, leased until the end of May (and we can extend that if we need to, but we hope we won't have to). This past weekend, we moved into said apartment with my stepdad's and sister's much-appreciated help. It was only half a mile from the old apartment, but there were some notable difficulties:

1) 90-degree heat.
2) Fourth-floor apartment, no elevator.
3) Mom and stepdad are also moving to a new home.

Needless to say, we all got our exercise this weekend, and will probably get more exercise this coming weekend (helping my parents finish up moving).

We got most of the moving done Saturday, with a few supplemental carloads (and a Target run) on Sunday. The new apartment is very cute- well lit, well positioned in Shadyside, and well air-conditioned. It also contains... my piano! =D For the first time in years, I have easy access to a piano. I hired a piano mover- no way we were lugging that thing up four flights by ourselves!

The cats, as you can imagine, weren't exactly pleased to relocate again. Rochester peed all over himself and Sephie in the car, meaning both cats required a bath. Scary car ride, strange new place, bath- they must think we're punishing them or something. Rochester freaked so badly over the bath that he poked Remy full of new holes (I got one or two myself, but not nearly to the same degree). Rochester's adjusted well, though, and is back to his climbing-on-everything, splashing-his-water-dish-around ways. Sephie is still spending most of her time hiding and hissing at anyone who pays attention to her, but she got cuddly last night... right as we were trying to go to sleep ^_^* And she woke me up very early in the morning by grooming my forehead. She usually just licks fingers and hands. My forehead?

My home office is all set up, too. Aside from the land-line phone jack being on the opposite side of the apartment, it's all good (that's not even that big of a deal, 'cause the phone I have for work is cordless).

In unrelated news, the Steelers played the Saints in the Hall of Fame game last night, and kicked some ass. Even the third-stringers were whupping on the Saints' top guys. So of course, the sportscasters have to provide excuses: "It's been so hot in Louisiana," blah blah. That's right, the Steelers can't actually be good, it must be a fluke. Because it hasn't been upwards of 90 for the past few weeks in Pittsburgh, not at all... *eyeroll* Anyway, I think Tomlin and Big Ben were looking to deliver a big STFU to all the doubters, and so far, they've done just that. w00t for good football!
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