Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Business Trip or Deja Vu?

Hello from Albany! =)

I can't stop saying this, but it's like I never left. Aside from the fact that I'm driving a cute little Dodge Avenger and staying at a hotel and lugging around the Heaviest Laptop in the Universe, it's like I never left.

Flew from Pittsburgh to NYC Kennedy (bleh) to Albany yesterday. Flights were fine, the only real bummer was that I lost the opal to my wedding ring somewhere in Pittsburgh. =( It also sucked that the second airplane sat on the runway for over an hour and was so cold that snow was falling from the AC vents, but that's minor in comparison.

Hotel and roomie are also fine. My roomie is from Colorado, and seems pretty nice. She'll be leaving early- on Thursday- so that night, I'll have the whole room to myself. I also have the aforementioned cute rental car, but that's out of my pocket. Parking said car at the hotel would cost me an extra $10.95 a day, so screw that noise. I'll be parking in my old neighborhood and walking to/from the hotel from there. It's about a 20-minute walk, uphill for a significant portion of the "from" route, which wouldn't bother me at all were it not for my work laptop, which must have a gravitational singularity embedded in the hard drive or something. It's heavy, that's all I know.

And work, of course, is work. It's nice to see all my coworkers again, and since this is a global conference, I'm also meeting people I've only known by name previously. I'm not 100% glued to the conference; I'm mostly doing my normal thing and going to sessions that are pertinent to what I do. I get to operate by the conference schedule, though, so my hours are 8-5 except for Thursday, when I agreed to cover 10-7. I'm out of town, so I don't care about getting "home" early, and it'll give me a chance to make use of the hotel's pool that morning. Friday is only a half-day, which is cool, but I'll have a long wait before my flight home. Well, my flight to Cincinnati anyway, which is where my flight home will be waiting.

In slightly random news, I was in the old neighborhood last night, and it appears our former landlord wants $700 a month for our former apartment. Good luck with that ^_^*

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