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Back to the normal Sunday antics...

...here at work. Not much doing, which is fine by me. I managed to get some schoolwork done, which is always nice. This term seems like it won't be too bad, just short on sleep and heavy on reading/writing/memorizing/hair-pulling come programming time. ^_^ But it's the last semester! So I don't care!

I'm glad I'm not pursuing a master's immediately after graduating. The thought of several more years of school is quite abhorrent right now. In a few years, maybe, I'll want to come back. And then someone will take away whatever it is I'm smoking.

I've been so very, very remiss in not posting this earlier:


This is the joint venture of mine and Nick's that I mentioned eons ago. Nick does the programming, 3d art, and a majority of the dungeons, while I do character art, some writing here and there (not all of it, just some... is it starting to becme apparent who the real brains of this operation is? ;) ), and I'm working on finishing my first dungeon, which is taking forever, heh. Anyway, if anyone is into role-playing fantasy type games, I recommend you check it out. Besides a dedicated fan base, we also need a) commentary/suggestions for improvement and b) notices of bugs/errors. So, your help would be much appreciated! =)

In half an hour I get to go home and watch the PACKEERRRSS! LOL, golden_d is going to kill me.

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