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Happy new year

New avatar, because change is good. I drew it 'bout a year ago; it looks much better full-sized, but what can you do?

"Star Trek Elite Force 2" is just one notch below Geek Nirvana. The true Nirvana being the Star Trek Experience at Las Vegas, where I got my picture in the captain's chair, toured bits and pieces of reconstructed Enterprise, and met a Klingon who asked me to spare him from the gift shop Tribbles. I got a picture with him, too, and some Romulan Ale for my sister, who knows nothing of Star Trek but was amused by the thought of blue beer. That's pretty much what it was. One sip was enough to dye your entire alimentary tract a cheery azure hue.

Mom and her boyfriend are now engaged. I expected it to happen so I wasn't surprised by the news... in fact the news has no effect on me whatsoever. I'm not thrilled, not pissed, just... meh. As long as Mom's happy, I don't really care one way or the other.

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