Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

You won't be rid of me that easily!

I have been told by my management to count on returning to Albany in July. Dunno exactly when yet or for how long, but around a week sounds right. It sounds like my accommodations will suck- this is a worldwide summit, so folks are showing up from all over, so that means everyone's getting booked at the same hotel and must shack up with a stranger. Also, no car; they'll be carting everyone around by chartered bus. Screw that- I will pay out of my own pocket to get a rental car. It'd be worth it to come and go as I please, and I get a AAA discount on that sort of thing now.

The whole roommate thing doesn't bother me as much because I don't plan to spend much time at the hotel. I want to see people! ^_^ I'll have more details about when I'm coming in the near future. Hopefully much rendezvous-ing shall ensue. Sadly, no Remy. He doesn't have vacation time yet. =(

Hrm, methinks an Albany icon is in order...

Tonight, I get to see mqstout for the first time in ages. Tomorrow is my friend Angela's 25th birthday celebration, down by the Waterfront. I've known Angela since freshman year of high school; we both went to Pitt and kept in touch. There will be a lot of other girls there whom I have not seen since high school graduation- that's seven years ago, damn- which is simultaneously intriguing and trepidatious. I will bring Remy and wear the corset ibesky and deathslilsister made me, so that I may show off both my husband and my tiny waist. ;)

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