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Teh best Tomb Raider evar!!!1!1!!

No, that's not a typo. It's an inside joke, and I'll probably refer to it more often than you'd like, heh heh.

My spontaneous outing with Nick last night was pretty fun. We went to Olive Garden, and then traipsed around the mall a bit- not too long, though, 'cause it was frigid in there and I was only wearing a strappy tank top and a skirt. What is it with these places cranking up the AC when they know everyone's in shorts and t-shirts because it's hot out? Then in winter, when you arrive in your parka and three layers of sweaters, it's a friggin' tropical rainforest...

Anyway, it turns out that the Museum Company, my one-stop shop for all things Egyptian, was bought out and is closing down nationally. =( They had some good sales going on, but didn't have anything of the Egyptian persuasion that I didn't already have or was all that excited about. But I did find a little trinket music box with a pretty unicorn on top. I don't know why I wanted it; I'm not that interested in horses or unicorns or anything. It was just one of those things that some voice in your head tells you to buyyy... nowwww... So I did. Never was one to resist The Voices, 'cause I know how vengeful they become if ignored. Anyway, the music box plays "Somewhere in Time," according to the label. I'm not familiar with the song so I'll just have to take its word for it.

Now I get to the subject line, heh... 'tis true, I'm officially addicted to the newest installment of Tomb Raider. I think they've built a new game engine for this one; it looks and feels a lot different. The controls are less responsive than they used to be and took some getting used to-

::me, slamming the space bar a thousand times:: DRAW THE GUN, DAMN YOU!

-but this TR is a lot more interactive. You can choose what you say to other people during cutscenes (though it's tempting to mouth off, you do lure more flies with honey), which can then affect what you're able to explore/do from then on. Also, Lara's got several new weapons and moves. You can taser people, or just sneak up on them, get 'em in the sleeper hold and body slam them while cracking their necks like twigs! Damn, how'd they know I wanted to do this stuff?!

So that's been eating at my free time, heh. It's a nice diversion. It also makes me wanna break out the old Lara Croft costume I put together several years ago, just for shits and giggles. Originally, I had constructed my own belt and holsters and had painted over a set of "laser" guns from Toys R Us, but this Christmas, Nick got me an authentic set of belt, holsters, and twin air guns that shoot 6mm pellets. Yeee! Time for some target practice... >=)

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