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A World of Pure Imagination

I finally got to meet lutraphile in person last night! You would've thought this would've happened sooner. I grew up in Pittsburgh, went to Pitt, and spent some years in Albany. She grew up in the Albany area, went to Pitt, and spent some years in Pittsburgh as a result. We never crossed paths in Albany, though; it took me moving and her visiting the 'Burgh to bring us together. ;) And we all met up (sigoths and friend included) at Phipps Conservatory, which is right now festooned with Chuhuly glass sculptures. It looks like the garden room in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, only spread through room after room of lovely flora, cacti, koi ponds, bonsai, the biggest goddamn aloe plant ever, you name it. It was a little weird being back at Phipps- my first time back since I got married to Nick there- but the gardens and the glass sculptures were beautifully lit up for the evening, and a good time was had by all. I definitely want to hang out with lutraphile more often! =)

We also found out that we're all Star Trek nerds and SCAdians. Remy and I are not devout SCA types, but there is dance practice at one of the universities near where we live, every Thursday. It's practically in our backyard, so we'll have to go at some point. These were the same dance practices I knew about when I was going to Pitt, but always wussed out of going to because I wouldn't know anyone there.

I dunno- lately I feel like I'm making up for the things I should've done while I was in college, but didn't because I was too shy or Nick didn't approve of it or something. Not all-night drinking binges or frat parties or anything lame like that, but hopping the bus to go here or there and see this or that neat thing, hanging out and talking with people into the wee hours of the morning, actually exploring the city in which I live. I did some of that stuff in college, but Nick would usually give me crap for it later. Or he'd come along and be a pill the entire time. Ugh, I'd rather not keep thinking down this path.

So, subject change: nothing really new on the house front, we'll probably start apartment-hunting this week. Visiting with family tomorrow, possibly running around Oakland later today (my college campus!).

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