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Pecularities of State Relocation

* My car's officially a PA resident again, and my driver's license is taken care of, too. It's weird- when I went to NY, they had DMVs there that would take care of everything at once, license and registration. In PA, you have to go to two places: a driver's license center, and then AAA for anything else. So I ended up becoming a AAA member too; just had to throw an extra $12 in on top of all the other fees they charged, heh.

PA let me keep my NY driver's license after they invalidated it by punching a hole through the expiration date. It apparently counts as an alternate form of ID, should I ever need it. When I went to NY, they made me surrender my PA driver's license, which teed me off because I actually liked my picture on that one. The PA license is like a credit card. Under-21 licenses are oriented vertically, everyone else's are oriented horizontally. It has a magnetic stripe on the back that beer/liquor stores will swipe for validation. The NY license is flimsy laminated card stock that bends easily.

PA's registration is only good for one year. NY's was good for two. Gotta remember the difference.

PA let me keep my old license plate when I moved to NY, which I used as decoration in my apartment with Angel and Cheryl. Having moved back to PA, NY wants me to mail back my NY plates via certified mail. After that, they'll give me a form/receipt, and I have to give that to my insurance provider before they'll let me adjust my rates for the new state. ("Plate" vs. "plates:" PA only gives you one plate, NY gives you two. So now I have this empty front-mount plate bracket on my car, which I'm not sure what I'll do with yet.) Weird.

* NY has ridonkulous gun laws. PA does not. The only thing you need a permit for in PA is to carry/transport a concealed weapon, and it's easy to get: two IDs, two non-family references, and a fee; and unless they find evidence of you committing crimes or being a drunk or something, the permit's yours. I'm planning to apply for mine soon- Remy will too, once he gets a PA-issued ID (long story there)- and once things calm down a bit, we'll look into finding a shooting range, getting a pistol, etc.

* There's beer in the grocery stores in NY. In PA, you have to go to special beer distributors, and you have to buy beer by the case. It used to be weird to see beer in the grocery store; now it's weird not to see it.
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