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I watched two Steelers games in a row and they only lost one of them, LOL. Good luck to your Eagles, golden_d, though in all honesty I will be pulling for my second-favorite team, the Packers.

My creative mood from the other night continues unabated. Sucks that I have to quit writing soon to go to work. Today, I realized that the writing I have to redo most often is the stuff I put down in my notebook. I've been in this funk lately where whenever I physically write stuff out, it starts getting all second-grade-book-report-ish. Bleh. Unfortunately, that's all I can do at the store. Unless I'm very evil and take my laptop with me... o_O

I start school again next Monday. The curricular lineup (for the LAST DAMN SEMESTER- wooo!): Strategic Management, Roman Civilization, Intro to Philosophical Problems, Intro to Marketing, and the much feared Intro to Operating Systems. I start work at the university again the next day on Tuesday. I'm sure mqstout is just counting down the minutes until my triumphant return, LOL.

In much happier news, Mom has resigned from her job and accepted a position at a firm downtown as Vice President of Purchasing. Yay, Mom! It's about time you became a VP! =D
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