Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Moving aftermath

Remy has already posted most of the details, but here are a couple more:

1) I got pulled over for speeding about an hour into the trip. Doing 80 in a 65. 80?! That's my normal cruising speed! And I'd been under 80 up until that point, trying not to lose my mom (who was a real trooper and drove the moving truck the whole way to Pittsburgh- go Mom! I offered to take over, but she said she was fine... poor thing also had to get up at 5:30 this morning for work, too- shit!). Apparently, I let myself coast up to 80 right past a state trooper, who was not amused. He also told me my driver's side brake light was out- news to me, as I just took my car in for service a week ago, and they said everything was fine. Must've just gone out. (Ray says he will replace it before I take the car for PA inspection, though, so w00t for being a short drive away from my car-savvy stepdad!)

Anyway, bad enough to be pulled over- worse to be pulled over while driving with your mom, right? I was expecting her to do the whole disapproving mom thing the next time we stopped. Imagine my surprise when instead she says, "I can't believe that asshole gave you a ticket!" LOL

2) Our phone line's been hooked up, so the only hurdle left for setting up my home office is Internets. Currently, we're piggybacking off a really sketchy connection; it probably wouldn't be stable enough for me to hook into work. We should be getting our self-install kit by Friday. I start work on Monday, so we'd better have it by Friday. I'm thinking, absolutely worst-case scenario, if we don't have it, I can get a hotel room with wi-fi. I'd piggyback at a coffee shop or something, but I also have to be on the phone to answer customer calls, and I don't think I could find a spot quiet enough for that.

3) Sephie is hiding somewhere unknown to us. Rochester thinks he's an overgrown chinchilla who takes soot baths. Sooty paw-prints everywhere, formerly white kitty, three paper towels left. But overall, the cats were very well-behaved, and I don't think Sephie hates us too much. ;)

Um, I think that's it for now. We're starting to put things away and get settled in. Hopefully this connection stays stable enough until we have our own!
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