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omg Moving

99% of our stuff is packed up in the truck. Mom is in Albany and currently at her hotel. Remy and I are recuperating on our mattress on the floor of our otherwise bare bedroom. John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester is meowing his head off- "omgmommydaddy where's our stuff?!"- while Persephone has taken refuge behind the water heater, and will probably not come out for another few hours, if at all tonight.

Cheryl, Angel, Sarah, Dennis: THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help today! You're all awesome, and we will miss you terribly. Please visit us often in the 'Burgh; I'll be sure to drop by and visit you any time I'm sent up on a business trip, and Remy and I will definitely be up for at least one extended visit each year, on or around our anniversary/Tulip Fest.

As for the move, only a few hurdles remain:

1) The eight-hour drive to Pittsburgh (with my car, the gas-guzzling-but-much-nicer-than-last-time truck, Mom, and the kittens- please don't pee all over my car, kittens)
2) Unloading some of our stuff, and the kittens, at the apartment in Shadyside
3) Taking the rest of our stuff to the storage place we've rented in the South Hills, and unloading there
4) Returning the truck in Washington, PA (closest drop-off point, bleh)

At least #4 doesn't have to be done until Wednesday- which means #3 doesn't have to be done until Wednesday, either- but it would be good to get all the moving shit out of the way tomorrow. Then Remy and I can spend the rest of our week off getting our apartment in order and relaxing.

Well, there are three other major chores for this week:

1) All the shit to be done at the DMV (new licenses/registration), then taking my car for PA inspection
2) Touring houses. Hopefully finding one we like enough to put an offer on.
3) Address changing with a whole bunch of places: bank, credit card company, etc. etc.

It's been hard work, but everything's gone very smoothly so far, and it's also been a lot of fun. I will miss the heck out of Albany, but I'm excited to begin anew in Pittsburgh: this time with a degree and a few certifications, a full-time job, a lot more money in the bank (until we get a house, haha), and a husband and cats that I'm crazy about. =)
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