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I gots teh inspurashun

I've been up since about 1 AM with some particularly nasty cramps that I got from that, uh, thing I get rather regularly, about a dozen times a year give or take. I popped a few pills and went back to bed for a bit, but I really didn't feel like sleeping (not like I could have even if I wanted to). In fact, I felt like writing. So I got up and did that. I wrote a short bit for my current original project that I'm actually very happy with. It's probably the first bit of this story I've written that I'm really, truly satisfied with. The rose-colored lenses will probably fade back to gray in a few hours once I get some shut-eye and look back on it and wonder what the hell I was smoking at the time, hehe, but for now I'm happy and that's the important thing, right?

This is my first attempt at something original that a) has survived longer than twenty pages and b) I haven't decided is absolutely hopelessly flawed beyond all hope. It needed some massive overhauling and re-writing, to be sure, and I'm probably not done overhauling yet, but damn it, I've stuck with it! I'll prolly be needing some beta-readers soon to know if this is something to keep plugging away at, or, horror of horrors, if it's on par with Ronixis' TCats script and needs to be exorcized and thoroughly removed from hard drives everywhere before it can melt the eyeballs and permanently mar the psyches of unsuspecting innocents.

But first... some shut-eye would be very good right now.
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