Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Did Oakland lose its most notorious fixture?

Fellow Pitt alums, I need confirmation/denial of this vicious rumor I heard on Fark:

Did Sombrero Man actually leave Oakland for West Virginia? =O

For those not in the know, Sombrero Man was but one of many bums who begged students for change on the University of Pittsburgh campus. But, unlike all the others, he stood out for- you guessed it- wearing a sombrero. You could always find him in the same spot on Forbes Avenue, just as reliably as you could find the drug store. You can't call yourself a Pitt student until you've been hit up for change by Sombrero Man.

BTW, the new Fark layout is ugly and counter-intuitive. And Farky (a Firefox plug-in that makes the site more navigable) doesn't work with it, which I'm sure has lots of people up in arms. I'm amused by the fact that, virtually overnight, at least half a dozen ScriptMonkey scripts have surfaced to allow users to make the site look more like it used to. Remy made one of these himself, actually.

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