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Neat Things

- A very neat theory for Earth's observed cyclical biodiversity. We zoom through this universe in myriad ways: around Earth's axis, around the Sun, around the Milky Way, and through the cosmos on collision courses with other clusters and galaxies. We move at incredible speeds all the time. Fun to think about- for me, anyway ^_^ This, in conjunction with the recent discovery of an Earth-like extrasolar planet, has been rocking my astronomical world.

- I wish someone had shown me this when I used to help my dad assemble and repair circuit boards for HAM radios. Spiders creep me out, but nothing would've stopped me from making multi-legged aliens or some such. Well, aside from my dad kicking my ass for using up all the resistors and capacitors he just brought home from Radio Shack.

- Remy's birthday is in two days. He's turning 27 on the 27th. That's a golden birthday, so I'm hoping to make it nice and fun. Some of his presents have arrived, another is en route. I will be attempting birthday tiramisu. Haven't figured out what to do for dinner or after-dinner entertainment yet. Well, I have one idea regarding the latter, but you probably don't want to hear about it.

- Our one-year wedding anniversary is in eleven days. Have no idea when/how we'll celebrate.

- Patrick Troughton, animated or live-action. (hence icon)

- In Firefox, you can switch between open tabs by using CTRL + the number of the tab you want to jump to (from left to right). For instance, if you want to look at the third tab from the left, you hold down CTRL and type 3. I think it's a neat shortcut, anyway. ;)

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