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Lost Doctor Who Animated

The BBC has irretrievably lost the video for multiple episodes of Doctor Who. However, the soundtracks survive. The solution for recovering these episodes? Animation!

I didn't know this existed until we caught an episode at deathslilsister's party last night (very fun, btw!). Two lost episodes from the eight-part "The Invasion" series were animated in black and white, true to the original film. The animation has a fantastic effect on Doctor Who. It lends an excellent film noir vibe while simultaneously eliminating a lot of the cheese that the live-action tends to have. Yes, we all love that cheese, but sometimes it's positively cringe-worthy, so much so that you have a hard time believing that the Doctor et al are in any real danger. Good animation makes all special effects look cool and worthy of your respect, and tends to cut down on the audience's derisive giggling.

What makes it even better is that "The Invasion" is one of the second Doctor's adventures. Patrick Troughton rocks my world, and Zoe and Jamie are my favorite companions (of the ones that I've seen).

Here are some blog posts from when "The Invasion" hit DVD. Most of them have screencaps, and the BBC still has a trailer so you can get a feel for what the animation looks like:


The DVD's available through Amazon. That, and Kurt Vonnegut's Galapagos, are en-route to our apartment for Remy's upcoming birthday. I will probably screencap the shit out of the animated eps.

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