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What city is this?

I used to think it was surreal to step on the T and go from the suburbs to the heart of downtown Pittsburgh in a little over thirty minutes. Know what's really surreal? Traveling between four cities in thirty-six hours.

Remy had a job interview in Pittsburgh on Saturday (already a sign they like him, agreeing to meet with him on a weekend. A holiday weekend, at that! =) ). I went with, because he wanted the company and I wasn't about to complain. The interviewing company is paying Remy's airfare and for the rental car we got (my parents weren't in town this weekend, so they couldn't give us rides to/from the airport). All we had to soak was my airfare and food- and the model USS Enterprise we got at S. W. Randall.

We struck out Friday evening. We flew to Pittsburgh with a connection in New York City (JFK Airport, for the record, is a messy, crowded, noisy zoo), and due to various delays, didn't arrive until 12:00 AM. After picking up the rental car, we drove to my parents' house, and didn't get there 'til more like 1:00 AM. We zonked out, for we had quite the day ahead.

Five hours later, we had to be up to get ready for the interview and head downtown. We caught the T just before 7:00 AM, and zoomed into town, as hardly anyone else was up to take the T that early. We had coffee in the Starbucks at the building where he interviewed, and the interview itself began at 8:00. I ended up staying at that Starbucks to wait for him, playing Sudoku and reviewing Farsi. I'd wanted to stroll around downtown, especially since it's so quiet there that early on a weekend, but it was ass-biting cold, and I was sufficiently numb before I'd gone three blocks.

We did stroll around a tiny bit after his interview was over. We bought the Enterprise, rode the T back, went to Eat 'n Park, and futzed around in the mall to kill time before 3:00 PM, which is when we met with a realtor to look at another house in Lebo. It's cute from the outside and has a lot of space on the inside, but also has a lot of things we didn't like: water leaking from the roof, an impossible-to-get-into garage at the end of a driveway that's shared with the neighbors, mostly ungrounded outlets, and the third "bedroom" was really more of a big closet. Ideally, our house would have three decently sized bedrooms: one for us, one for future child, one to serve computer room/study/library/etc. functions. So, no deal. There's one house we looked at during our last visit that seems more promising, but I'm not sure how seriously we can consider things before either of us has a job offer in hand.

Once we were done there, we headed back to my parents' house and, given how sleep-deprived we were and would soon be again, we crashed. I did play some piano, though. I miss playing, but it's frustrating to have forgotten so many songs that my hands had, at one point, taught themselves to play. After a certain point, I don't remember the notes of a song as much; my hands just remember where to be. Of course, if I go a long time without practicing a song I've learned like that, it's doubtful I'll be able to play it again with no sheet music.

We had to be up today at 4:00 AM to drop off the car and take our flights home. This time we were routed, quite illogically, through Cincinnati. However, I didn't mind so much when we discovered how nice the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is. One of the nicest I've ever been to. I bought Remy a copy of Trumpet of the Swan there, as he'd never read it before (!). With the length of our layover, he finished it with time to spare.

We finally got back to Albany and to our kittens at 1:00 PM. The ever-awesome ibesky took great care of our cats, and for that we thank her. Now, in less than three hours, poor Remy has to take a train to Poughkeepsie, as he's teaching there for the next two days.

Whirlwind fucking weekend, but pretty nice overall. Sorry for not being social in the 'Burgh, but we really didn't have time (or energy). I'm still pretty zombified here, and I'm not the one who has to keep traveling. =P However you have decided to celebrate Jeebus' rise as King of the Undead and the miracle of lagomorphic egg laying, I hope you are enjoying it.

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