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Rochester was meowing loudly outside the bedroom this morning. I assumed it meant he wanted attention, so I didn't pay him much mind. But, no- it was his way of proudly announcing, "Look, Mommy! I got onto the top shelf of the pantry and knocked a whole bunch of boxes over! Hmm, I think there's a leak in this one..."

Hence, baking mix all over the floor. I pulled out the dust-buster to sweep it up, and Rochester looked on with utter fascination, his head flitting back and forth with each slight movement of the vacuum. It enthralled him. This leaves no doubt that he will, within the next day or so, knock the baking mix back onto the floor so he can watch the funny vacuum thing again.

Remy bought me a pretty blue pashmina scarf with paisleys embroidered into it. I will definitely wear it when we go to Iran, and perhaps elsewhere as well. My hair's kinda skank today, it would've been nice to cover it up.

Now, for Day Three of The Most Boring Software Training In the World, Which Has the Added Effect of Putting Me Behind on Tech Support Cases and Maketh Me Work Overtime to Keep Up.

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