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Typical winter vacation fare

It's a darn good thing I play all the video games I do. Otherwise I doubt I would've had the coordination and presence of mind necessary to avoid the accident I very nearly got into this morning, en route to work. The roads were horrid thanks to all the snow, and I totally lost control going down a hill. I think I slid back and forth across the road three or four times before my tires started sticking. I'm really, really lucky that 1) no one was coming the other way, 2) I didn't go down the embankment on one side of the road (no guard rail. Thanks, PENNDOT!), and 3) I didn't slide around in complete circles like that guy in that Nissan commercial.

A little further down the road, I spotted an ambulance going the other way. I couldn't help but think, "That might've been for me." Creepy.

Losing control of a car is not a nice feeling. If I wasn't miles away from everything and if public transportation didn't suck, I'd gladly stop driving altogether.

Today was just like the beginning of last year's winter vacation. Go to work, then come home and shovel snow. And hardly anyone came to the mall today because of the bad roads, so essentially I put my life on the line so my boss could collect a few hundred dollars in revenue.

Lately I've been thinking about how my priorities are totally out of whack. I shall be doing even more thinking about it as a result of all this.

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