Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Lies, Damn Lies

It seems like there are just way too many people I know that end up with cancer. My sister, for instance, had twelve pounds of "borderline" tumor (not malignant, not benign) removed last year. My mother-in-law dealt with something similar. My mom's dad died young of cancer (at least as far as I recall), leaving my grandma widowed at age 25 with two kids. (Holy shit, I can't fathom being a widow at my age, let alone with kids.) A few of my parents' friends have had to deal with it, as have a few parents of friends.

Today, I found out that the mom of my best friend growing up had breast cancer that is now in remission (at least that much is positive). And, that my ex-husband's mom has an inoperable brain tumor. Nick wasn't the one who told me; my mom found out through friends and in-laws. There were things my former mother-in-law and I didn't see eye to eye about, but she is a nice lady. I certainly wouldn't wish any ill toward her, especially not something like this. Since Nick and I haven't spoken since our split, I'm hesitant to make contact, but I do hope everything'll be okay.

I'm also hoping that I'm some kind of statistical outlier, and that cancer really isn't that common. That it isn't a question of "when." Everyone who's reading this, and all your families: be healthy, okay? *hug*

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